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Monday, September 14, 2009

Election Day

So I did it. I voted!

Here's the thing:
In Norway there's a Lutheran church (run by the government) who got election at the same time as the political election. I'm a member of this church (because my parents enrolled me when I was a baby), and since I'll be 15 this year, I can vote in the church election (but not in the political one, though). And even though I don't consider myself as a Christian, I voted.

Now I know several people will say I'm "using the church" and "not a true Christian". Both of this is true, but who can say the church hasn't used me as well? I never wanted to become a member; This was just decided by my parents when I was born. So why can't I vote? I just did my duty as a citizen.

Actually I agree with those who says I shouldn't have voted. But I did. The reason is that when I am a member, I want to do what I can to make (what I think is) positive changes in the church, and steer it in a liberal direction. That isn't as bad, right? I did it for a reason.

I'm happy I voted. I think I did the right thing. Now my biggest hope is that other people did as well, based on some of the same thoughts as me. And who knows? Maybe Norway will end up with a church that (for once) supports everyone.

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