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Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Lucky

I didn't think life was this hard. It is, though. Or. This Friday my whole class went on a sleepover together. It's weird. Because they respect me. I could go to bed at 11.30 PM – live my life.

I came out to 23 of my 25 classmates this Friday. We had this game where you had to tell a secret for every Smarties you ate, and the type of secret depending on the color of the Smarties you took. Red means "love". And of course I had to pick a red one.

"Hm..." I said. At first everybody was talking and stuff, but at last the ruler of the game got everyone to shut up. "OK," I continued, "My name is Sunniva, and I haven't thought any heterosexual thoughts in two years." Everybody went silent. Silence. My point of telling my name in the beginning was to be funny, AA meeting lookalike. That didn't happen...

I was just like "What the fuck?", because nobody said anything. It was just silent in the room, and everybody looked shocked. Didn't they understand? Shit. Shit, shit, SHIT!

Somehow the ice was broken, and people started asking me things and stuff. Praising... something, I answered and stuff. But everybody was shocked, and that's what shocked me as well. When I came out to my friends, they didn't look that shocked. Trust me, it was bad. But hilarious while looking back.

God, I'm glad it's over. I've been thinking about coming out to my class, because I want to be true to myself and everybody around me. But I didn't want it to be like "Now we have to be serious, and I'm going to tell you my biggest secret ever!". No, I wanted it to fit, and it did. I'm glad. Really, really happy.

Sometimes the world doesn't end, even though you might think otherwise.


  1. Congrats. The more people you tell, the better it gets.
    Hope everything's been good after this point. :)

  2. Know that feeling.. First ur afraid like someone will kill you or something, but after you feel so relieved and kinda happy you actually don't have to worry so much about it anymore.
    Anyways congrats :D:D

  3. Wow! Really brave of you to do that!
    I'd like to do it myself sometimes, but it's a little too scary in my class.
    Congrats ! :D

  4. Creds. This is going to be a beautiful coming-out story to tell to your grandkids ;)

  5. Have you stopped blogging? haven't seen a new post in a while:( Would love to read more about how you're doing!

  6. Anonymous: No, I just... Do so much and so little right now. But I'll try to get some up soon, so I hope you stay tuned :)