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Friday, July 17, 2009

My "Gaydar" Isn't Working

There is a myth that all gay people have a "gaydar". Which sucks, because I don't have any. To be honest I have no idea if a person I meet is gay, straight or anything in between. And that really bothers me, because if you were in my shoes I bet you would also think it would be good to know who's gay and who's not.

Maybe I could wish for a gaydar as a birthday present? As long as it's possible (but it probably isn't).

But if I have a gaydar, it certainly isn't working. I'm just guessing on my way through the world. Of course you could say that this femme boy over here's "so gay", but he doesn't have to be. And the next time you see a girl who from the back seems like a guy; She doesn't have to be gay. Both of them might be gay, for sure, but not necessarily.

No, I don't see how people could possibly have a gaydar. Gays are so different that if you don't see them make out with a human of the same sex as them self it's pretty much impossible to say they're gay. And there's the experimental as well, so it's not so easy even with the "make out test".

But if anyone knows where to get a gaydar, please message me. It definitely could be for a use!

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