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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Political Parties

I'm seriously up to get involved in politics. Like in a political party. But I just have to find out what party to join... That will be hard.

My Dad's very active in the local KrF (Christian People's Party*), but they're way too conservative for me. I think I'll end with Venstre (Left*), SV (Sosialistic Left*), Ap (The Workers Party*) or Rødt (Read*). But I don't know. And that's what I have to figure out now.

The things I think is important, is education, economics, environment and equality. And this is what I think about each of it:

* Longer school days with free warm school meals every day and many clubs and activities on school, making school a place to come together.
* Better learning environment and better teachers.
* More parted teaching, easier for "smart kids" to learn new stuff and not getting bored to death.
* A new and proper school revolution.

* Using more of our oil funds' money to better schools, hospitals and other communal agencies.
* Help poor countries to develop by learning, not cold hard cash.
* Play a bigger part in the world's economics.

* More and higher taxes on pollution.
* Play a bigger part in global environmental issues.
* Bigger resources to scientists working on environmental issues and solutions.

* Better education on minorities at school, such as immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and people in different parts of the community.
* More open debates.

Now I see why there are so many argues at home...

*Directly translated, I have no idea what they would be called if they had English names. I just know they're pretty liberal all of them.

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