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Sunday, November 1, 2009

'Round The Globe (And Back Again)

I want to move. Anyone tagging along? We could enter The Dwight School in New York City or something. Just give me anything. Because I don't think I can live so much longer in Norway without ending up in jail...

But The Dwight School... Not that a bad idea, or what? Study hard (challenges included in the price), meet new people and make a career. Get away from the crazy family and live on scholarships and stuff instead. And trust me: There is a scholarship. Or two (thousand).

I think moving out would do good to me. No, you shall not run away from your problems, but some free time before solving them can't do any harm, right? A couple of years where I can be myself, live like I want to, and make myself happy, for once. Get to know the real me. That's my dream.

Yeah, I really, really want to move. Because I'm a person I don't want to be. I'm a liar - false and untrue to my surroundings. And I don't want to keep on doing that. Lie to everyone around me, make everything worse because I can't be myself. To me that's equal to a bad person. Which means I'm a bad person.

So, will you tag along if I can convince my parents to send me away? People at boarding schools end up pretty OK, right? And to be honest, I think I'll end up better if I move somewhere else than if I stay home longer. Nearly 15 years at the same place; That could bore the majority of us.

Psychoanalyzing... God, sometimes genes suck!

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