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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Book Here, And A Book There...

I'm writing on a book. No kidding. And it might even be quite good.

Well, I wouldn't just start to write a book out of the blue. After a long time, plus a lot of hints from my teacher in English and Norwegian, I finally started develop some of my material. But I have no idea of what to do then... Maybe I'll send some of the material to a publisher for response, but when it's not finished... No, I don't know.

I'll write in Norwegian the first time. But later, I think I'll try English. I just need some experience. I mostly enjoy writing plain criminal stories, but this one I've started on now is a mix between crime, science fiction, and history. Let's just hope it turns out good.

The book will be about a woman who finds an old book from 1817. The strange thing is that it contains descriptions of cars, computers and several electrical equipments. She gets her friend at work, who is a lab technician, to check if it really is from 1817. And at the same time the woman reads the book she found, a very old Russian man, who's blind, sees her reading it. He doesn't want her to, because he proclaim that then she will get haunted, as he is, by the book.

That's how far I've come. But I have no idea of what to do next. And I don't want to write a book that nobody is going to read. That would be horrible. We'll see... Any suggestions?

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