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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowy Christmas, You Think?

I was checking the local weather forecast on a Norwegian website called, because there have been freezing outside, -2 degrees in Celsius. Or, where I live that's freezing. So I wondered if there would be any snow the next couple of days. No... Because apparently there's not supposed to snow in the wintertime here. Every winter there's 5 degrees and rain. All day, every day. So there haven't been a white Christmas since forever or something. But about 50 years ago, every Christmas had snow. Now they don't, thanks to climate changes.

About snow; I love it. Skiing is one of my favorite hobbies, and I also enjoy figure skating. But where I live, I can't do that. Or, we have skating arenas, but no frozen lakes or anything. And that sucks...

Those who doesn't live in Norway, often thinks that Norway is all white from the middle of November till March or something. Sorry guys, we don't. But some parts of our country is snowy most of the winter, but that's north for Trondheim and in the mountains.

Well, I can blame it on someone, everyone. The climate is the problem. Most of us don't care too much, and especially not doing anything. That's sad, because we're ruin our world. The past generations didn't know too much what the causes would be when they started using motors and alike, but after a while, when the research started, they got to know. Now we even know more, but do we do anything? Nope. And that's too bad. The next generations' happiness lays on our shoulders. We have to act differently if we shall give the next generations a happy place to live. And when we got the technology, as we do now, we have to better the climate. We can't just sit here and play dumb.

So, I officially blame all you guys, especially those over 30, for that I will not have a white Christmas.

Please, can't you spare the climate for me? I want a white Christmas!

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