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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Abundance Isn't Always Good

I seriously have a bad social heritage. Both my parents are psychiatrists. "Good for the community," you might say. Well, not for me. Because every time I meet people, I try to analyze them. And I analyze every person I know. It's very... annoying. Because I've discovered that I actually am quite good at it as well. So now I have these, sometimes strange, theories about people.

Someone might say that it's cool to think this about people they know, but it's not. When I think these thoughts, I always wonder if they're true. But very often I don't get to know the answer. And when I besides of that am very curious... No good.

There's also something else caused by my social heritage. I "try" to be everyone's psychologist. For an example: If my best friend gets dumped, I talk to her, tell her that I know how she feels and stuff. Even though I've been dumped. But I kind of feel that I still know what she's going through. Or if someone doesn't understand something at school, I can tutor he or she, even though I've always kept track with what we learn on school.

Plus - I tutor my classmates. All the time. I can help them, strange enough, to understand what they're doing. When some of the teachers can't.

Yes, I am bragging. It's just that I don't always feel that my skills are in my advantage. Sometimes they just bother me. But you got to stick through with what you got.

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