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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spare Time

What do you do in the holidays?

That's a quite interesting question. Especially when it's about this season. Because almost everyone are so stressed around this time of the year. And when Christmas Eve finally arrives, you're supposed to be so relaxed. You shall enjoy your family and have quality time together. But the stress attacks you, and then you're even more stressed than usual.

But for those who stress less, or is a child or youth, there's plenty of other things to do. Like watch old Christmas movies. Or play board games. And you might hang out on YouTube, but that's what you can do all year around.

My favorite holiday activity is to play the piano and sing Christmas songs. In Norway we got lovely Christmas songs, and some of them are even nicer than a lot of the Americans. But on the top of my list of most beautiful Christmas songs is a Swedish one: Himlen I Min Famn by Carola. It's the most lovable songs ever.

Music is very important for humans. We relate to the compositions. And that makes them even more powerful than just the lyrics. The whole song can change a persons life.

The holidays are both stressing and relieving. They gather family. They convey love. But if you have some spare time, it's important to have something to do at that time. Why not relax to the sound of wonderful Christmas songs?

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