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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Presents

I always struggle with what to give to my friends and family. Last year I gave a lot of pictures of myself in frame or as a magnet to my family, and to my friends I gave some jewelry. I'm not good at presents at all, and I don't want them to be just bought, and with no emotions involved. They're supposed to be special.

So, at the dinner table today, my Mom asked me what I've been doing the whole day. I told her I was writing and stuff. Then it "came to me." Why not give stories for Christmas presents? As told, I love writing. And I'm actually quite good, if I must say it myself. Mom and Dad always enjoy reading my texts, and I almost throw them out on paper, so why not? What do you think? Would you be grateful for a story as a Christmas present?

Also, my Dad is a really threat against the environment. So, I consider giving him a climate quota or something. I don't think he's grateful enough either, so a donation to a help organization would also be great. But I told him that I maybe would give him a climate quota or a donation for Christmas, and he told me he didn't wanted that. But I don't care. Wouldn't that be a wonderful present for him?

You see, I got to come up with something like that. Something original and/or positive for others. No socks or anything.

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  1. Yeah, I know. I just had to do these three blog posts. xD